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Monday, February 14, 2011

100 Acts Of Kindness Celebration!

We did it we managed as a group to show 100 acts of kindness! Today we had our celebration and had lots of fun. The children exchanged Valentine cards and of course shared lots of snacks.

We learned a lot about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The most requested movie duirng our Fun Fridays' activities is this one.

The sweetest thing ever is when Franklin brought his baby picture in for show and tell. After our sharing time I noticed Franklin placed his picture on the Peace Table right next to the picture of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I can tell that Frankin was really identifying himself with this powerful leaderful.                                                                    

This is what our heart garland looks like. We decided it would be easier if we counted each heart as two. The children loved counting by twos everyday.

 With all of the excitement I was not able to get too many pictures during our celebration. The pictures I did get were right on time.

                                       Exchanging Valentines.

                                Eating grapefruit for the first time.

What I loved about our 100 acts of kindness celebration is that the children have a positive perspective on this special day. I hope that they will continue with their  acts of kindness throughout the year. It also put a different spin on what Valentines' Day is as Andrew put it " Today is Kindness day".  To me it takes the commercial aspect right out the picture. Well I hope everyone is enjoying this special day! I can't help thinking about Olives and Pickles she lost her grandmother this past week. If you have the time I request that you get caught doing an act of kindness and  offer them some encouraging words during their time of grief.

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