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Friday, February 11, 2011

Afterschooling:Weekly Wrap Up #8

We had a wonderful week!  Michelle celebrated her thirteenth birthday Monday. They all came home with wonderful reports from their teachers. The science fair projects are coming along, well except for DJ who keeps changing his mind about what he would like to do.

                                    Cutting her birthday cake.

                                   Modeling one of her new outfits.

 Her new Nike tennis shoes.  Michelle was vey pleased when she opened this present.

         Michelle did test one of her science project. Michelle is finding out does the Mozart effect really exist.
                             A CD she has been listening to.

 She completed the first test of this experiment with some lovely participants. For test one the children completed the test while listening to some relaxation music.

                 Presenting the 6 triangle diaphragm with the Contructive Triangles.

                                      The lovely participants.
                 Here are the two books Michelle has started to read this week.



 Ken has been doing a lot of math work with money and has even tied in some lessons about our presidents.

 Carefuly getting the rocks clean before going back in the rock tumbler for the final polishing stage.

 Ken is on her last chapter in the book Changes for Addy. This is also the last book before the final Mystery book of the American Girl Addy series, she is so excited that she will be completing a series of books.
DJ has been still working with the 1000 chain he is now doing this work without much time at all, he is noticing that when he makes this a race he makes mistakes. Still reading Eve of the Penguin and doing activities along the way.

                            Making a book about the parts of the body of penguins.

Loves the Conjunction game. Here he is presenting the work to me.

 Thank you for reading! I have enjoyed reading all the nice comments you all have made this week, they are really appreciated!! Have a Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Michelle!!I hope you had a great day..

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Michelle!



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