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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fish Fun!

We have been learning about fish. This unit may go little longer than planned. The kids are enjoying the works. Yeah!  Here are a few things that are out this week that they have spent quite a bit of time with.

                                       Parts of the fish puzzle.

                                   Parts of the fish nomenclature cards.


 Sensory bin that the children are just loving. Thank you so much Nicole for sharing this idea. You can find a lot of creative inspirational ideas at Nicoles' blog One Hook Wonder.

      Roll the dice and catch the fish with its' matching number.

                 Tonging and sorting animals that live in water.

                                 Fish starts with "f"  coloring page.


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  1. I love your "fishi" work!!! all of it!!! the nomenclature it's BEAUTIFUL!!! looks with texture!!! The sensory tub it's AWSOME!~!! LOVELY lovely!!!
    Thanks for share it!!
    Big Hugs!!


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