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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dry Pouring Extension

I put a new pouring extension on the shelf and the kids are really having a great time working with it. It consist of three large tubes in a rack, a funnel and the materal for pouring is sand. Once the child fills the tubes up they then take each tube out and then pour the sand back into the glass. A lot of steps but they were more than ready for this work. This work has been repeated numerous of times and when a child chooses this work they usually spend about thirty minutes with this. They love watching the sand come down into the tubes through the funnel.

    Mumble spends a lot of time with this and he says " I am ready for six tubes"!



  1. Love this activity!!!! thanks for the reminder...use the funnels!!!lol!!!

  2. I like this activity, where did you get the tools for this one?Thanks for sahring and your kind comments my friend!

  3. Thank you ladies for the nice comments!! I got the tools from a color mixing kit for kids to learn about Eric Carles' Art. I know you can easily find these tube racks with science kits and Hobby Lobby sells them too.


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