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Monday, January 31, 2011

Multiage Groups in the Montessori Enviroment

Although we don't have as many children that are in regular montessori classrooms, we do have the multiage groupings in our favor. This is a very important aspect when choosing to use the montessori method. I have had parents who enrolled, that were at first turned off that their two and a half year old would be working alongside another four year old fearing that they may be too socially immature and problems would occur. Another reason is that they were not ready to let independence develop. They really without saying it wanted a "daycare" where the provider cleans the child messes as the child walks away, they want a provider that allows the child to walk around with their sippy cup all day. Once I give them the run down on how their childs' day will go they become a little more comfortable. What actually gets them to enroll their child here is observing the children while they are working. I love the montessori method and I love it because I have seen children completely emerge since I begin implementation of the method. They are magnets to the work with no encouraging words necessary. The whole design of the program includes every kind of learner there is. What inspired me to write this post is my observation of the children right now working with the brown stairs. They were untouched for weeks at a time and as soon as one child discovered a brown stair extension everyone is wanting a presentation for some they want another.  

 It all started when I  presented the brown stair extension with the marble to Andrew.

Then Jamesha quickly got the brown stairs back off the shelf.  Ann whose face you can't see wanted to still work alongside Jamesha got the pink tower work off the shelf.

 Ann built the pink tower and then Jamesha was copying Anns' work with the brown stairs discovering an extension to this work.    
     Now Jessica and Vinny repeat the brown stairs work everyday.

Jessica and Vinny are just one year younger than the children in the first two photos. But just trust me they discovered this "new" work by observing their older peers and having the freedom to use the material.


  1. I love the multiage group approach also. I am not sure if I told you but we are planning on sending Ella to a Montessori school in the fall. She will be enrolled as a 2.5 year old but will be in a class of all ages. She is on a waitlist. So, I am praying that she gets in. We could only find two Montessori schools in our area that practice and multiage approach. Can you believe that one school not only has the 2.5/3 year olds in a separate room but they also need to use a separate entrance?

    I also really like that Montessori presents an activity first. I am finding that very helpful.

    Thanks for all you do with your blog!

  2. OH! I am soo happy for Ella:) I wished I had known about the montessori method when my kids were younger.


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