The Work Plan

Monday, January 17, 2011

Montessori Monday/ Toddler Tuesday

We are getting very, very close to normalization!! I am like a kid holding their tongue out waiting for the snowflake to fall on it. I know everything happens on their time, I'm just saying.
                                                        Practical Life

                                Dry pouring with buttons.

Reviewing how to properly brush our teeth. Painting with a toothbrush.

                               Pin pinching North America.

                                 Using pincer grasp to transfer marbles.

                                           Scissor practice.

                                        Sweeping up her mess.

                               Scissor practice with play doh.


                                Learning  rooms of the house with furniture objects.

                                     Independently practing writing letters.

                          Sorting objects by beginning sounds.

                        Matching letters to pictures by beginning sounds puzzle.


                                                Cylinder block #1

                                              Working with red basket.

                                    Blue Constuctive Triangles work.

                                       Doing a brown stair extension work.

                                           Color box #2.

                                    Brown stairs with marble extension.

                              Matching numbers to number line.

                                   Geoboard with geometric cabinet cards.


                                           World puzzle map puzzle.

                            Working with Tag United States map.

Rock and shell sort work.

       Lil brought in her treasured rock she found for Show and Tell.           


  1. I love all your activities. I'm always amazed at how drawn kids are to montessori works. I think I'm going to introduce pin punching to my little ones this week. I tried a while back and the weren't ready.


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