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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Color by Number (Penguins)

I got a nice penguin activity book from the scholastic dollar deal ebook sale. There is a lot of activities that are hands on that could keep us busy with learning about penguins for a good six weeks. Today on the shelf I had this color by number penguin work. This work helps the children to become familiar with the 17 different types of penguins.

 Mumble took to this work immediately in case you didn't know Mumble is the name of the penguin in the movie Happy Feet. I use this name for Mumble because he is very fond of penguins and made me well aware of this when we first met.

 I colored the poster myself  for an example to hang on the wall by the shelf where the activity was shelved.
 That is Mumble holding the poster, he liked that he was able to take the poster off the wall to have it be a guide for him.

   Lots of concentration was going on while Mumble completed this work.

  Mumble did take a break from this work, he returned to this work after rest time.

Mumble was very happy about his finished poster that he could take home. We went over the names of the penguins and was able to find the similarities and the differences of the 17 penguins. Boy did I learn a lot today!! Lol.



  1. Where did you get the color by number sheet?

  2. Hi there.
    A mixed age group of children have chosen to do Penguins as their group project for this week and while I was searching on the internet for information for them I came across your Mumble! Wow - what a beautiful page that he created. Would you be prepared to share this colour by number poster with me please so that I can get my group of children to do the same? That would be so great and kind of you. My email address is Thanks so much. Keep creating wonderful things.

  3. The color by number penguin sheet can be found for free here:


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