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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hablo espanol?

We are very blessed  Lil and Jessicas' mom speaks fluent spanish and has offered to teach the children spanish two hours a week! The children had a blast with her this week. Miss M introduced the sound that "a" makes in spanish to the preschoolers. Also the alphabet song and spanish greetings Hola and Adios. They have a letter book to go along with their lessons that they color objects that start with "a", practice writing the letter "a", and then there is a page where they can draw or cut out and glue other pictures that begin with the letter "a".

                                             Our spanish letter Aa book.

 These are the objects in the spanish alphabet  "a'" box; abrigo, arbol, arana, aguja, avion. The children also learn the names of these objects in spanish.


The toddlers also receive lessons. Ms. M is giving them lessons on naming animals in spanish. They also matched objects to the pictures and to the spanish word.

I am very grateful to Ms. M  for volunteering her time and skills to our little school. The children are asking for more spanish. Whenever Ms.M brings her daughters to school the children greet her with HOLA! and beg her to stay to teach them more.                          


  1. So sweet!!Your children are having the wonderful opportunity to learn another language.

  2. Wow! That is wonderful that Ms M is dedicating that time to the children! Thanks for showing the ideas for the toddlers! Kerri


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