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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Go Rock Collecting (StArt)

Let's Go Rock Collecting by Roma Gans was a fun book for the kiddos. They loved the text and the pictures. At first I thought I would have to read this book in its entirety at different times, but no they wanted to finish reading it in one sitting. The book tells how the oldest things you can collect are rocks, rocks cover the whole earth and no matter where you live, you live on a rock. The illustrations are wonderful. The kids love the pictures of the volcanoe, and the different kinds of rocks. They wanted to collect rocks themselves. We are in Michigan where the weather is very cold, going outside collecting rocks under snow is not an option so using our rock/ shell sort tray the children found their very own special rock.

After the children collected their rocks. We painted them blue for water and green for land to represent our planet Earth. We have painted a lot here, but I have never witnessed the concentration the children had while completing this activity. Our rocks weren't big at all, they took a whole hour just painting their rocks. I loved every minute watching them absorbed in their work.

                                                   Close ups of the process.

 Another thing that the children did that they don't normally do is that they were very watchful  for the paint to dry. I knew that this art activity was a simple one, but I didn't expect to receive all these great responses from the children.

To see more children doing art projects inspired by stories please visit StArt hosted by A Mommy's Adventures.  


  1. We love collecting, painting and playing with stones too! perfect!

    Kids Get Crafty

  2. We've never had a miss with rock painting. Very good idea let them "hunt" out their own rocks from the box!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving the nicest comment ever. I do have a lot of passion for teaching my children the Montessori Methods as a guide. Im glad that it shows through in my work that is their work. I just love creating activities and watching them choose and use them. Watching them engaged with the activities makes it all worth while. What a gift. Huh? You have a wonderful blog and Im just starting with rock collecting. You have inspired me to take this interest further. Thanks for the awesome ideas that you share and I hope you have a great weekend. Lisa:)

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