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Friday, January 14, 2011

Afterschooling: Weekly Wrap Up#5

O.K the kids are moving right along in their academics at school. Ken has a project due next Friday that is a
Survival Project. She will be able to choose being stranded on an island, in the desert, or a forest. After choosing their location, she must choose five items and give an explanation of how she will use them to survive the conditions of their location. Ken is very excited and so am I  Ken will start on this today. Michelle is so excited about participating in her first science fair this March, she is in the planning stage of deciding exactly what she would like to do for this.  DJ was listening to his sisters and wants to do his own project on Anartica and Penguins.

                                      Coloring the state bird of Michigan.

                 Double digit addition with the Small bead frame.

DJ ditched the Magic Treehouse book Civil War on Sunday for the Hooked on Phonics Master Reader program. DJ saw me reorganizing some of my not used materials and found this. There are four levels to this program. DJ  started on Level 1 Friday and now is on the last level, he loves to work on the computer.

Working with children of the world matching activity. I found this activity on the blog Handmade Beginnings.
It is now his first go to activity, he is getting really good at matching the flags from our Flag world puzzle with the children. Thank you so much Eva for blogging about this.

 Finding out what is the scale of the quarter compared to the one in the book.

                 Posing for the camera. DJ lost another tooth!

   Painted this volcanoe. We haven't had a chance to blast this thing off yet due to the weather.

DJ's most interesting read of the week is this book. It tells the story of volcanoes and how it affected Pompeii.


           Multiplying with the Golden bead material.

  Working with unit and tens boards with the Long divison racks and tubes work.

                                       United States map work.


Kens' Hydroponic plant is steadily growing. It just clicked to her yesterday that she could be using a ruler to measure growth. She still is recording her observations in her plant journal.

Ken is still all in for the American Girl Series. This week she finished the second book  Addy Learns A Lesson. Ken will be sharing about this book in a post tomorrow.


                                             Enjoying her Spanish.

                              Working with house classification cards in spanish.

                             Loves finding new words with this dictionary.

                                 A page from the book.

Michelle has spent most of her time this week with work from school. Michelle is really, really loving school and puts all of her energy into her school work first.

 Thank you for reading what we have been up to this week.
                                                Enjoy your weekend!!


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    As per question on my blog:

    Yes. I do use my bow items as learning tools for Ella. I really need to be better at taking pictures for posts. I get caught in the moment and forget. I have a great deal of buttons. So, we use them for sorting and counting. We also make shapes out of them. I have various lengths of ribbons too and we use those for sorting. Maybe I should do a post on it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and all the wonderful things that you always share on yours!



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