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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How We Spent Our Last Week Of Vacation 2010

Well we had fun our last week of this year. The Three Musketeers return to school this upcoming Monday. Here are some pictures of how they spent their week. It may seem a bit strange to some that my kids are still working but they love consistency and structure, and when they still see me working they follow.

                                               Sorting rocks.

                                           Browsing for books at the library.

                               Creating the map of Europe using map puzzle pieces.

                                                     Sewing a hand puppet.

                                          Washing his socks!!

                                          Experimenting with magnetism.


                                              Brown stairs and Pink tower work.

                                                  Completing the human body puzzle.

                                                   Exploring crystals.

                                            Enjoying dinner out on the town.

                                                     Celebrating the New Year.

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year's Celebration !!


  1. I really like the washing socks activity. I did learning time as well, my tot was asking me to do it:)

  2. It looks like a fun vacation. Little J always loved Montessori works...he never saw them as work though. New Years looked like a good time too!


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