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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afterschooling Weekly Wrap Up #6

The last couple of weeks has been really busy for us on the home front. The kids have had projects due at school that involved a lot of their time to get it done exactly as they wanted it to be. I have been dealing with this same cold and runny nose that it has been just annoying. Now my two youngest are saying their throats, ears and foreheads hurt. Having children around us a lot has built up our immune system so we are not use to the common cold. We take our vitamins and enjoy winter, doesn't look like it might work out that easy this winter season. So moving along to our afterchooling I didn't take many pictures but I do have pictures of some of their works on subjects they wanted to know more about. 

Ken is still loving the American Girls series. Ken finished Addy's Surprise sometime last week and now is reading Happy Birthday Addy. I love these books too because Ken was not a child that would pick up a book to read on her own until she started reading this series. Now she sleeps with her books, they are always with her.

Michelles' newest thing is to learn all she can about all of the states. Michelle also did a beautiful book report on Ann Frank The Diary of a Young Girl along with a bulletin display. I wish I took pictures because now the teacher has claimed it as one of her favorite examples to show future students.

DJ completed the Master Reader Hooked on Phonics so now he is back to reading his Magic Treehouse books. The Eve of the Emperor Penguin and the companion book. DJ is really into this book now and has been doing some wonderful activities related to his readings.

                                   Color by number penguin poster.

                    Learning facts about different penguins.

                                          Penguin puzzle.

                                  Learning about Anartica.

  Ken continues to work with the Large bead frame and the Long Division Rack and Tubes. She is really improving in her math skills as well.  I think it is time for me to add some story problems to her choices, and add dynamic problems to her choice of math problems.  Michelle is excited about learning chemistry in school so I am going to put together some works in that department. All three of them have shown interest in learning the human body . 

        They love this flip chart and quiz each other on the facts.

 This book was an obvious winner for DJ because I found it in his hiding place:)

I put together this matching object to picture work.  I downloaded this from the The Learning Ark. N now has a montessori material shop with a lot of wonderful materials and a free download section. My camera dosen't do this work justice.

 Thank you for stopping by and reading about what the kids have been doing all week. Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Love that works!!As I told you before....LOVE THE PENGUINS!!! and the body parts cards!!! LOVELY!!
    Thanks for share!!!

  2. Those do look pretty impressive.

    And those are a great set of books she's reading.


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