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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping It Simple

I realized that I haven't shared with you that the children in the toddler group has changed. Most of them that were toddlers when I started this blog have become of preschool age. With that being said I have to change the style of the activities and now I  can renew the toddler shelves with some materials that have already been toddler tested with a stamp of approval.

                                                          Color Box #1

The toddlers are busy as usual, during my observations of them individually I noticed that all of them play the guessing game when naming colors. When working with color box #1 they are very good at matching. When naming the colors it depends on what day of the week it is that they actually name the color correctly. So I made up a red basket containing all red objects, and a blue bag that contains all blue objects. The goal is to recognize the colors and name the object by saying " The red apple", " The blue cup". After working with these activities I hope that when working with the color box #1 they will be able to name the colors red, and blue, and then we will work on naming yellow.

                                                          Red Basket

                                                                   Blue Bag

I also set up this activity where they can weigh the red and blue bears or size them up.

Simple is just the best thing sometimes. The color of the week has never worked for my group of toddlers. I tried that weekly activity the first weeks of September, it just isn't child led enough for them and a true time block of boredom when your a toddler who may be interested in something completely different.


  1. I was just ab out to start putting together colour baskets for my toddler, so thanks for thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tip about introducing colors. Ella appears to know all of her colors but when I try to single them out she appears to lose interest. I never thought that it could be boredom and that she would like to expand on it. I will give it a try.

    I always respect your thoughts. So, I am going to ask you a question about introducing the alphabet. I read in one Montessori book that they introduce them in groupings. Are you familiar with this practice and do you recommend it? I know it is my choice as a parent, but always like to get input too. I will check back to see if you can respond. Thanks! Kerri

  3. Kerri, I have found out that introducing groups of letters at a time works well for the children who are four and older. However I have found for my three year olds that are interested in learning the sounds, one sound at a time is better for them. I do however introduce the letter of their first name first. Then I introduce the letters one by one. For example first s, then I would follow with letters m, a, t, so they will have letters that they could form words with. Usually after about eight sounds introduced and worked with individually, the child will be ready for maybe two letters at a time. Hey, if they are interested in the sounds learning them is no sweat for the child. Heres a tip, if the child is struggling stop, they just aren't ready yet, return when they show interest.

  4. Thanks so much! The reason I was asking is that Ella was introduced to this series of books at our local library. She constantly wants to read the "A" and "B" Book. It introduces the letters phonetically and she refers to the letters by their sounds. So, that is what peaked my interest in finding out how or if to proceed. Then I read about presenting letters on pg 170 of How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way. So, I was feeling a bit confused. Thanks so much for responding and all the encouragement. You always help me to remember that is is not a race to what they learn and to remember to allow Ella to follow. Thanks so much! Kerri

  5. PS- I meant to say to allow Ella to LEAD! See what happens when you type too fast at the end of a nap!!!


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