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Monday, January 3, 2011

Montessori Works

We had small numbers for school last week. The children that were in attendance came ready to learn!

                                               Making footprints of animals with play doh.

                                                                       Pink tower.

                                                                  Alphabet puzzle.

                                                        Brown stairs and Pink tower.

Painting Snowflakes.

                                                       Dry pouring with funnel.

                                                           Matching Sandpaper letters.

New works on the shelves (Practical Life)

Icicle work. The child uses the eyedropper to put that many drops of water on the icicles.

    Make a snowflake. Child uses their fingers to transfer the marbles onto the suction cups.

  Snowman work. Using the learner chopsticks the child transfers the pom poms into the snowmen.

 Locks and Keys. The child must find the matching lock and key. Lots of wrist turning here.

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