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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Volcanoe Tray

                               Igneous Rocks: From Liquid Fire.

 To explain exactly how Igneous rocks are made I introduced the Volcanoe Tray. We discussed what igneous rocks look like depends on the type of lava it is made from and how fast or slow it cools. Well then the children ask "What is lava"? I tell them lava is created from magma. Now the questions won't stop and now I am starting to lose track of where this rock unit is going. Lol. We are definetly going to learn the parts of the Earth and visit Venus and Mars again.

                               We have been reading this book by Franklyn Branley

     What I liked about this book is that it was very informative, the pictures are perfect. I was able to read this book to my three and four year olds because the pictures were so great that we were able to use the pictures to read this book in a more of a  dialogue way. I would recommend this book for a older age group and especially if any child wanted to do research work about volcanoes.                                                                              

                                                  Volcanoe Tray

 In the cup is the vinegar, and inside the dish is the baking powder. The children use the spoon  for the baking soda. They also have to use the funnel  to get the materials inside our volcanoe model.

 This is what the volcanoe looks like. I used krazy glue to attach the measuring cup to our volcanoe model. Inside I placed drops of red food coloring. This model I brought ages ago at Hobby Lobby, and it does come with something that covers the bottom. I couldn't find the bottom to this so I had to improvise. What I do like about the way I did the bottom is now the children can see exactly what is going on inside the volcanoe.

                                 I also have some parts of the volcanoe cards on the shelf.

After doing our rock art activity last week the children have been wanting to know what are some other things they can use rocks for. I put this mortar and pestle work on the shelf.  It is filled with rock salt for the children to crush. I demonstrated what rock salt was used for by bring in some snow from outside and we watched it dissolve the snow.


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