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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whose Tools Are These? (StArt)

Whose Tools Are These? is written by Sharon Katz Cooper. It is a wonderful story that introduces children to different jobs that use different kinds of tools. It shows the picture of the tool on one page, the child guesses who they think uses the tool, then the child discovers the answer on the next page with a picture of  a person who uses the tool. The book also describes exactly what the worker uses the tools for.

                                                   The cover of the book.

                                                 Our Project

               First they cut their piece of yellow cellophane into smaller pieces.

  This is JD's second day here with us. He was so exciting about using scissors that he didn't want to stop.
                            Then they glued the pieces onto their hats.

          I stapled the hats to fit their heads and then they colored their hammers.

                                            Construction Workers

To see more art work done by children inspired by stories please visit StArt hosted by A Mommy's Adventures.



  1. I am going to check out this book, it will be perfect when we talk about community helpers. I love your activity too, the kids look like they had fun and look really cute with their finished projects!

    Thank you for linking up to stART :0)

  2. Sounds like a great book! How cute are those construction hats and hammers. My two would love to make those, thanks for sharing!

  3. JDaniel loves tools. He would love this book and the project.

  4. Wonderful. We made a "Royal Hat" last week and Red Ted wore it all week long. Bet he would love the construction hats too!!!

    Would love for you to come and link up to Kids Get Crafty! Every Wednesday -


  5. Those are the cutest construction workers ever! What a great activity for the little ones.

  6. I really like your blog, thank you for sharing !
    An award here :

  7. Those are great! Thanks for the book reference too.

  8. Well, that is darling! I'm going to look for the book, too.

  9. That looks like a lot of fun. I think my little builders would enjoy it!

  10. so cute - love the idea. I am always looking for crafts & books for my girls! Glad you stopped by my blog! I am following you back & can't wait to explore more!


  11. My little guys love tools. We have the Home Depot Big book of tools and one of mine could point out all the tools by name when he was like a year old. Can we say obsessed? This would be a great craft... and very doable. I like that the book combines tools and community helpers!


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