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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surviving In The Rain Forest

Ken has a survival project that is for school due this Friday. Over the weekend she worked very hard on this project. The location she chose was the rain forest. Kens' teacher told them that they had to choose five items that she will use to survive the conditions of that location. Also Ken has to illustrate the five things along with an explanation of how she would you them.  The items Ken used to illustrate her items were found through my scrapbooking materials, a sticker collection I have that shows animals in the rainforest, and some images from the internet. I helped Ken by reminding her of the geography and climate of the Amazon rain forest. Ken  already had background knowledge of this wonderful place. Ken also used various books that I made avaliable to her. Ken did a fantastic job with this project. I love how she used the materials. The last thing Ken has to do now is give an oral presentation to her class. She has been practicing this since her completion of her bulletin board. Here are some pictures of the process and the final result.

  Ken decided she would make the layers of the rain forest for her backgound.

                          Here is the understory and the canopy layers.

 Sorry about the photo. This is the background complete with the layers if you look closely Ken has added rain  below the clouds.

 Now she is adding the animals  that spend most of their time in the canopy. During this part Ken initiated a discussion about food chains and food webs it was very interesting how she was applying her prior knowledge in every step of this project.

                                    Photos of the emergent level. The middle of the board.

                                                   The left side of the board.

                                                       The right side of the board.

                                                      The canopy.

The understory is where Ken decided to do her illustrations of the five items she would use to survive the conditions of the rain forest, she also added animals that you would find in the understory. This photos shows the fishing pole, and the thermos. To keep it short she said she would use the fishing pole to fish for food and  to get berries from trees she couldn't reach. The thermos as a container to hold the water so she could boil it.

Saplings and the lighter. The saplings she would use for shelter and also collect water from it. The lighter she would use to start a fire.

Garlic Ken said she would use to protect her body and her shelter from insects, and also eat if she became sick.

                                                     The completed project.

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  1. She has some great ideas here, and has put so much of herself into her work. This is just fantastic. Thank you for linking up.

  2. I'm new to this blog and just came across it - so forgive me if the answer is somewhere obvious on your page(s). I am a (brand new) primary directress looking for a Multicultural Fair idea to steer the K5 students to do - and love this one. So I'm hoping to tap your experience to answer a few questions.... How old is Ken? Not sure if this project might be too advanced for 5/6-year olds?? Perhaps I skip the survival aspect and focus on something else??? Can you give me any book suggestions that you used?

  3. Hello! dl_flores

    Thank you for stopping by. Ken is nine years old and in fourth grade. Here are the names of the books that Ken specifically used while working on this project; Discover the Amazon: The Worlds' Largest Rainforest by Lauri Berkenkamp, How Monkeys Make Choclate by Adrian Forsyth, and The Most Beautiful Roof In The World; Exploring the Rainforest Canopy by Meg Lowman. My six year old really wanted to be a part of this project, he was really interested in the variety of animals that live in the rainforest. As a matter of fact he said he wanted to make some habitats, also he decided he wants to learn more about food chains. I hope this helps. If you have a blog could you leave me your link, I would love to visit!


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