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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visual Discrimination: What is Different?

 I set up a new language work, the kids have declared it as "the bestest work ever". They love language lessons and I love presenting new ones and swapping out materials for works that skills still need to be worked on.

                       Here is a picture of the work how it is on the shelf.

A picture of what is inside each envelope. The envelope helps to group the objects by what is the same and what is different. The cups are used for the child to put the object that is different inside.

 Lil setting up the work. First you line up the cups, then line up the objects in a row next to the cup.

  Putting the objects that are different into the cups.

 I chose objects that the children were already famiiar with so I did not have to use the three period lesson to teach the names of the objects. This is work that all I have to do is change out the objects and according to the objects the level of challenge can be increased.                                                                             


  1. Simple and effective. And no spending money included! :)

  2. I really like this one - will have to set it up for Pita soon. Thanks!

  3. I did the same activity with my son (he showed moderate enthusiasm:-() but we used pictures. The realia are much more engaging I guess. I will have to try to do this your way. Thanks for sharing. Ewa

  4. oh, i like this idea, i would like to do this with my girls

  5. I love this idea too! Another keeper!! Kerri

  6. Great idea! Thanks Discovering Montessori :-)


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