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Thursday, February 3, 2011

He Did It!! (1000 Chain)

 DJ completed the 1000 Chain! DJ is so happy that he did this work all on his own.  It wasn't about learning to count to one thousand because he has been able to count to 1000 for quite awhile. It was more for him being able to perform the one to one correspondence that is required to complete this work. DJ stayed focused and didn't get bothered by any distractions which is what always happened when he would decide to choose this work.

                                 Sorting the arrows by tens and hundreds.

                                                     Getting started.

                                                       Half way there.

                                                   1000 baby!!!



  1. YEAH DJ!!! Great job and keep working hard!! Kerri

  2. There you go DJ!!!! Awesome work!!! Please receive a kiss!!!


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