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Friday, February 4, 2011

Afterschooling: Weekly Wrap Up #7

The kids are excited about going back to school today. They had two snow days this week. Ken is especially happy because today is the first day she has been to school all week due to strept throat and a runny nose that was dripping every minute. Michelle has been working on her science project for her science fair coming up in March. Michelle is going to be researching the Mozart Effect. I can't remember right now what exactly is her question, but she has been preparing a worksheet for the preschoolers to use over a course of time to use while they listen to Mozarts'  Twinkle Little Star and they are going to complete it when they are not listening to the music. Michelle also brought home some information from Kens' teacher about Ken having to do a science project for the fair. Ken is undecided today but has to have her questions turned in on Monday. DJ 's participation in the fair is optional, but of course he wants to do it!  So far DJ wants to do his project on the rock cycle. So look forward to some exciting postings involving science.

Not so many pictures of Ken in action for the most part she was making up school work she missed at school. Ken started a new book Addy Saves The Day and is really becoming more and more interested in the civil war from Addys' perspective.

                                       Making a parts of the flower book.

                       Solving division and multiplication story problems.

                             Learning about the digestive system.

As a family we watched this dvd.  The dvd was awesome! We have watched it more than once. They kids loved the game at the end where they quiz you on the information in the dvd.      

My oh my!!  I really wish that there was a Montessori elementary school that was affordable for my budget for my little guy. He just thrives so much when allowed the freedom to follow his interests and given uninterrupted work time.  He has a love for all subjects with a special love for geography. His reading is improving daily and still loves the Magic Treehouse books. DJ says he will read all of the books before he moves on to different kinds of chapter books. He is currently reading Eve of The Emperor Penguin and the companion book.
                                               Anartica map work.

                  Using the dictionary to find the word determination.

                        Working with the volcanoe tray.

                  Observing the rock tumbler. More about this in another post.

                                       World flag puzzle work.

Jack of all trades and is becoming a teenager very soon.  Her new elective in school is Advanced Technology. Now I may have to share my computer. Lol. In class they have started blogs and she is so thrilled about this. Whenever it appears to her that I am not using this computer she is constantly wanting to work on her blog. O.K so can anyone offer advice on this " What do you do when you have two bloggers in the house using the same computer"?  I think I know the answer but don't want to accept it this week. I guess I have to model sharing huh?

           See I do share!! Michelle working on her new blog earning extra credit.

                                           Flag work.
                                  Silk screening tee shirts.
                           Spanish phrases with the moveable alphabet.

 Monday is Michelles' 13th birthday!!  I had her write me a list of things she would like as gifts. O.K are you ready for this?  I have never heard of these shoes until last night.

                                      Nike Xbox 360 High Dunks

 Here is the part that lets me know that in order to raise a teenager you must keep a sense of humor. The cost $2500.00. LOL!! Ha! Ha! When I saw the price all I could do was laugh.  Michelle didn't really know the cost of these shoes until I showed her the price. Michelle started laughing too! The beautiful thing about this is before she went to bed she crossed it off her list and said " Personally I would never spend my money on a pair of shoes that cost that much" and we laughed again and I said "Me neither".
 Thank you for all your kind comments! Thank you for reading what the kids have been up to this week!  Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Great activities as always!! Sorry for Ken! Not fun!

    Holy cow about those shoes! Who does spend that money???


  2. Wow! what an exciting week!! I love it!! EVERYTHING, the flower, the volcano, the flags!! everything!! and you guys speak spanish too!!!
    Big Hugs!!

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  4. Hi there. Can you share where you got the multiplication and divsion story problems. I think those would go great around here, plus we're finishing up our singapore word problems book any day now.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful comments I really do appreciate feedback!!
    Aly, I purchased the story problems from Montessori Print Shop and then I color coded them, and then laminated.


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