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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Story Bag

Today is a snow day here. I am officially open but only two childrens' parents could make the drive today. Schools were scheduled to be closed in honor of Presidents' Day and I was looking forward to spending time with the school agers. My kids were rather disappointed as well because they don't get to see them as much since they have transferred to a new school. The pressure was on to get there hands busy so I prepared a story bag for them.

                                                The Story Bag
 I found the story prompts from the free download section from Montessori for Everyone. I showed my children some blanks books I was saving for another project and they have been writing for the past few hours now.

                        Decorating the cover of their new books.

                          The writing begins.

Some of the things I liked about this activity is it was free, easy to put together, and my children are busy using their creative minds. Also they asked me for some help with grammar.

Tomorrow I will be starting a linky called Lets' Read. On Tuesdays my postings will be about anything that has to do with reading, geared toward the age groups from 0 to highschool. I hope that you will be able to share past postings or some that are waiting to be published. I love learning new creative ways to get kids interested in reading and can't wait to read how you get your children or the children you teach to keep those books open.      

To find other ideas to get children writing pop over to Writer's Workshop hosted by Giggles and Crayons.


  1. I like The Story Bag activity. I think that cultivating the creative writting activities is kind of a gift we are offering to our children. It's amazing to observe their minds working ferveshly to create the unique stories of theirs. Those stories can tell us so much about their inner life and can work as a vent to all their subconscious tensions and fears. My older son used to create his stories since he was 2,5 ( I wrote them down for him)He still does and he loves to do it. He has improved his style so much. I also like your linky idea. I'm looking forward to read what others do to promote reading and writing. Hugs. Ewa

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing :-)


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