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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Animals of Seven Continents

 We have a new geography work on the shelf, Animals of  Seven Continents. The children sort 35 picture cards using the continent labels or the continent puzzle pieces.

                                                           Here are the continent labels

The animal cards have a built in control of error. A picture of the continent is on the animal card in the corner.
                                    This is DJ working with the Animals of Seven Continent work.

They really like this work a lot. I have replicards of the cards so they can make booklets. I can't wait until we have a world felt map. I can already see how that would enhance our geography studies. Now I am in search of finding animal figurines for the younger children to match to the pictures. Everyone here still loves matching work of all sorts.


  1. All aspects of the work is wonderful -- but I especialy like the use of the continent puzzle pieces at the top of the work area.

  2. Love this, adding it to my list of things to make. AS if it isn't long enough already!

  3. Nice continents work...
    enjoyed this post.
    cool idea to use the continents puzzle pieces like that, too.
    :) Colleen

  4. Did you do the cards yourself or did you download the pictures somewhere?


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