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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smelling Bottles

                        Michelle said " I would like to help you create some montessori  works". I handed her some herbs and the smelling bottles. I explained how the children match scents with them and showed her the example I had on the bottle for control of error. Michelle created this work with no other instructions, and was free to use any materials she needed.

Michelle is using herbs from around the world to create her smelling bottles work

Smelling Bottles complete with herbs.

Making matching continent smell cards for the bottles.

Control of error.

Presenting work to small group.

 The results of this work are children are learning the names of the continents, using the world map puzle, and associating scent to continent.  I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank You Michelle!!


  1. oh great!
    Michelle has used what herbs? and to what continent??

  2. Hi! The spices are; North America-Mexican Oregano, Asia-Dried Thai Chilies, Europe-Anise Seed, South America- Ceylon Cinnamon Stick, Africa-Cloves, Australia-Poppy Seed.

  3. Love this kids always like smelling bottles but I have never used herbs....this is a great extension. This has got me thinking about other scents that we might associate with different countries....Chocolate-Switzerland, Lavender-France, Curry-India, Garlic-Italy, Coconut-Carribean, Cabbage-Ireland, this could be fun...



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