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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sensorial Fun (Toddler Tuesday)

 The toddlers are growing everyday, some have just moved  from being just infants, and some are almost ready to move on to what is considered preschool. Take a look at our sensorial exploration last week.

                                                Pink Tower/Brown Stairs
                          Would You Like To See More?

                                            Extensions !!

                                They lead, I follow.
                         To see other toddlers doing montessori activities pop over to One Hook Wonder


  1. As it should be fun and nice to see their evolution ...

    Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog, I'll answer ...
    Here I use a translator to leave you this message because if you do not speak French well, I do not speak good English!
    I did not quite understand for my "translator blog": it does not work? or did you just say that you needed to read me? I changed my blog translator in case!

  2. Thank you for sharing those pictures. I was put away the Pink Tower and after read your post I put out again and my son built the tower over and over again. I nedd to investigate about the extensions.


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