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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweet Scents (Science Sunday)

  Ken is becoming a budding botanist. Her focus most days is what can she grow. Ken interest started with this.
Taking care of flowers and arranging them.

Now anythime she sees a seed she wants to grow it. When I saw this experiment in a box I knew it was  going to be put to good use.

Sprout Your Own
Sweet Scents

First you prepare your peat.

Prepare your planters.

Plant your seeds.

Then find a sunny window.

The plants week one.

The plants week two.

The seeds in the yellow planter is Lemon balm. The red planter is Cinnamon Basil. The green planter is Spearmint.  The book with the kit gives a great explanation of each herb, and how each herb will grow. Ken has been tending to her new plants everyday. At times she has had to go back and read the book to find out answers to her questions. For example; Spearmint takes longer to germinate. "Mama what does germinate mean?"   Science is a wonderful academic that has a beautiful way of bringing all subject areas together. To  discover more science projects completed  by kids visit Adventures In Mommydom.


  1. What a neat kit! We might repeat it this winter - wouldn't it be fun to grow some Christmas scents in the window? Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. We've really enjoyed raising tomatoes, peppers and a venus flytrap this spring. Living things are such a joy to watch.


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