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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Van Gogh

                I have been informally introducing Art to the children. I have shown them the simple things like gluing, collaging, painting ,using oil pastels, etc. This week we have been learning about Van Gogh . The painting Sunflowers, has been really good for discussion and lessons about him. On the shelf I have a Van Gogh matching art set, a book about him and lots of different art tools to do copywork of his art. Here is one activity that I am not sure if we were staying on subject.

Here we are discussing if we should arrange the flowers like Van Gogh "Sunflowers" painting.

Now two children will like to smell the flowers.

At least by the end of the presentation the children could tell you that a man named Van painted sunflowers. Its' a start right?  We didn't color, we didn't paint . We did smell sunflowers, manage to do a little flower arranging and had a great dialogue about sunflowers.


  1. Awesome Idea. We are studying Van Gogh this semester. I just may try this. :)


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