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Sunday, July 11, 2010

OOPS!! ( Montessori Monday)

               Lil turned three last week. Yeah I know you have seen her pictured here in Montessori Monday posts for ages three and up. I guess thats why you should read the date of birth on the required paperwork , because this is important information. Well I will share with you Lil and I never did work together about how old she was. Thats' a good thing!  Lil has been with me since the end of February. Her strong vocabulary, ability to sit through circle time, asks questions, tell me everything there is to know about hummingbirds, may have led me to assume she was three. When her mother told me that Lil will be three my mouth dropped. So
in order to be able to close my mouth, I started thinking how important is age when your following the child?
Take a look at some works that Lil has choosen off the shelve since her arrival.

Rubbing insect plates.

Scissor practice.

Pencil sharpening.

Flower arranging.

Squeezing water from a bottle.

                                                          Working with sandpaper letters.

Helping another two year old count to ten.

When Lil arrives at 5:00 am she brings her special friend "Duck".

 So it no surprise that Lil favorite activity off the shelf last week was this.


This activity the child matches the number on the duck to the other duck.
This activity is also great for one to one correspondence.

Well now that I know Lil is three years old how does this change anything? I guess knowing the age of the child can help with identifying certain developmental delays. Using the montessori method it calls for great observation of the child, so really age could be just a number. All children even from the same family develop at different rates. I wonder if I knew Lil was two what kind of boredom could I have caused for her.
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  1. Cool works! My sons would enjoy the insect rubbing plates, the sand tray, the pencil sharpening work, and the scissors work. The rubber duckies work and the caterpillar work would be a hit with Little Bro. Thanks for sharing! Hope that you will pop by my blog. I am doing a light table objects swap...
    Happy Monday:)

  2. I am always so inspired by your blog! I have a little award for you Thanks so much! Kerri

  3. What a doll! And I think you're right - good thing you didn't limit her because you realized her age! The little duck game is so cute - what fun! Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday. :)


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