The Work Plan

Thursday, July 15, 2010


                               I set up a new work table with the goal of children learning the names of the colors. The color boxes have been left untouched for the most part. I hope that setting this work table up I am guiding them to gain more interest in the color boxes and other color activities.

On the table is color box #1, a color mixing activity, and a color matching activity that has the color words printed on them.

Below the table is color box #2, and color box #3

Here is how the child would do the matching activity that would be done on a mat.

The color matching activity I found on under the teaching videos section.
             I plan to keep this work table a permanent spot for exploring color. I plan to switch out activities maybe every two weeks, depending on the childrens' interest.


  1. Great ideas for stimulating interest in a material! I always found color mixing to be a popular activity. I love the Montessori activities and ideas you share. That’s why I gave you an award today at


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