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Sunday, July 11, 2010

DNA (Science Sunday)

                             Michelle has been learning about DNA. Here she will show you some of what she has learned.
                   Build A DNA Ladder                                     

You use four different colored tubes to build this model of DNA. Green is for Adenine, Red is for Thymine, Blue is for Guanine, and Yellow is for Cytosine. To build the ladder you must follow these rules: Green A can only pair with Red T. Blue G can only pair with Yellow C.

A Double Helix
This is a shape of the DNA molecule.
You should make a complete twist every 10 base pairs.

                                                 Unzip The DNA Ladder
                                              Pull apart the DNA ladder. Put one half of the DNA ladder on the left, put the other half on the right

Remember: A always pairs with T and C always pairs with G.
You have now learned the secret of DNA Replication.
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