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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Conjunction Game

              I really wish that learning the parts of speech could have been this much fun when I was in school.
 The brilliance of Dr. Montessori is breath of fresh air for those who are fortunate enough to be exposed to her educational method. Once again some things become natural as you become a better reader. Knowing the words "and", and "or" are easy to read. Knowing how these words operate in the whole scheme of things can be a bit complicated. The kids here have found the importance of "and", "or" through the "The Conjunction Game"  
                                           The Conjunction Game

First, you can place the vases around the room, with different colored flowers in each vase.

Invite the child to read the labels, then retrieve the flowers and place them with the labels in a vertical column.

Remove the flowers from the vases and tie them  together with a ribbon. Ask the child to descibe what you just did. ("You tied the flowers together.") Explain that there is a word that ties words together-and-or.

               Place "and" labels between the other labels and ask the child to read: " The yellow flowers and the pink flowers and the white flowers.


Lots of fun, loaded with different ways to reinforce conjunctions. By the way this child is nine years old, he is growing  taller everyday!! The presentation was a success. Carmicheal learned that and, or words are conjunctions.  Carmicheal said " Oh, I just thought they were sight words or something".  Hmmm....



  1. Conjunction Junction what's your function?

    I always get that song stuck in my head whenever someone starts talking about conjunctions.

    Love this activity.

  2. I like this. I love when connections can be made. Makes understanding so much easier. Where did you get your farm? It looks so nice.

  3. What a great idea! I was looking for something other than paper grammar presentations I have. My boy loves flowers so I will try that for sure! Thanks for sharing.

    PS. My boy likes the book: "Gary the Conjunction Man from Scholastic "Parts-Of-Speech TALES", your activity will be great addition to that book

    Marta from Hawaii.


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