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Monday, July 19, 2010

Montessori Monday

The work periods have been consistent. The children are growing more interest in many subjects. I have been giving a lot of new presentations to the children. I think that is contributing a lot to our successful work periods. Making and keeping up with the works that the children are ready for has been my biggest challenge. I am really learning to love extensions. The extensions help solidify the childs' understanding of the work, also it allows the child who enjoys the work still to gain a better understanding. Our group activities are minimizing I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  Here are some pictures of our work week.

                                                                    Practical Life

Pouring sunflower seeds. Cleaning a mirror. Scrubbing shells.
Helping a child to learn to weave.


Working with classified cards. Spelling and reading words with puzzle letters.


 Working with golden beads with place value cards (hundreds).The Stamp Game.                                                               

Parts of the tree work. Leaf puzzle.


Working with Africa map with arrows to name country with control chart.

 The children are helping one another, being respectful of each others' work space. I think Dr. Montessori would be happy to see the work the children are doing. No reminders to stay on task, just a reminder that maybe you should get a snack. I really believe that the children have now reached  the state of "normalization". This is not a easy thing to reach ,especially when you have already been introduced to the traditional school system. I can honestly say at first it was a tough thing for the children. I can remember everyday until recent that the children would ask me if they could work on things on the shelf that I had already introduced to them, that they had touched and worked with over and over again. Still they felt a need to ask for permission everytime. Its' a beautiful thing happening here!!
Now pop over to see what other activities children are doing using the montessori method at One Hook Wonder.                                                                        

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