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Friday, July 16, 2010

Chores (Practical Life)

        My three children are very helpful in keeping our home enviroment clean for us, and our school family. For DJ his work in the practical life area is really paying off in everyday life. DJ wants to clean the walls, he loves to vacuum. Ken  is excited about cleaning mirrors, and is now working on cleaning toilets, yes cleaning toilets! Michelle is already responsible for washing dishes, does a great job with sweeping and mopping . Here they are in action.
DJ putting the garbage in the container.

Ken cleaning the toilet.


Michelle sweeping and mopping the hallway.

When my children do their chores they feel good that they are working in a way that is helping out everyone. Teaching them about the care of the enviroment has given them rhythm to their day. My husband and I never have to remind them , they are just doing it. The chores have given my children a reminder that everyone in the family has a job to do and it is all equally important. We depend on each other and doing your work allows everyone in the family more time to do whatever we enjoy doing most.


  1. How old is Ken? I'm thinking making the boys clean the toilet might get them to realize the importance of flushing. Ugh, so frustrating.

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